20/10 – So much love for our young little girls

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Autumn is harvest season and full of major national holidays. Included in the festivities is the anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnamese Women’s Union (October 20, 1930 – October 20, 2020), the day when the whole country honors women for their values ​​and their nobility. 

To celebrate the 90th anniversary, The Little Rose Warm Shelter have set up a program to support design activities for the girls living here. The program has been running for just over a month and with support from Ms. Loan (President of The Shelter Collection) and Ms. Janine,  the program has received contributions  from 71 generous individuals, collecting 98,338 .000 VND so far. This is a tremendous, timely and precious gift for our girls on Women’s Day.

The Little Rose Warm Shelter would like to express our deep gratitude to the hearts of Ms. Loan, Ms. Janine and all the benefactors involved. Hopefully the Shelter will continue to receive the community’s participation with our future programs so we can continue to help give the students a bright and happy future.