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Our story

Founded in 1993 and managed by Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Association (HCWA), Green Bamboo Warm Shelter (GBWS) was primarily a club named “Cau Muoi” and has become a shelter since 1998. Every year, GBWS helps hundreds of boy children in street situation.

The goal of GBWS is to provide opportunities and support for boy children in street situation to reintegrate with their families and society, having a normal life in pursuit of future stability.

The highlight of GBWS is to help rehabilitate its boy beneficiaries’ mental and physical status by all good efforts and awareness of the children so that they will have a successful reintegration into their families and society. Children aged 15-16 are helped to participate in vocational training appropriate to their latent abilities and then to be arranged for job placement.

Within the phase of 2005-2012 (8 years), funded by the Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam, GBWS helped nearly 600 boy children, of whom more than 40% had stable jobs, 30% had family reunion and 20% went to school. However, the number of street children has decreased in recent years and so to keep in line with the socioeconomic context of Vietnam where the network of social work centers is being formed and developed, from 2020 Green Bamboo will operate as a social protection and education centre for the local community. By transitioning to a social protection center, we aim to widen the scope and provision of support we can provide in the community so that we can provide education, care and support to a larger and more diverse group of beneficiaries. Our new model also aims to create training opportunities for trained social workers to develop their skills, meet the increasing demand for social work services, and to develop an advanced social security system which corresponds with the economic development of Viet Nam.

Address: 40/34 Calmette, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Project Manager:  Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Lieu

Phone: (+84) (28) 3821 0199



  • General Objetives
  • Immediate Objectives
  • Development Objectives
  • Beneficiaries

The project helps street children re-integrate into their families and communities as well as prevent children living in the poor communities from leaving home and becoming street children.

The basic demands of children:

  • Meals, accommodation, health care, recreation, love, and security are met.
  • Education (formal and informal schooling) is provided for children.
  • Scholarship is provided for poor children living in the communities who drop out of school so that they can return to school.
  • Job orientation is given to GBWS children and children living in poor communities so that they can make the right choice of jobs suitable to their capacity.Family visits, children’s family counseling, family reunion

Children’s self-confidence, self-esteem and positive behavior change are developed through awareness-raising activities such as child’s rights, gender equity, HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, STDs.GBWS children could elaborate their future plans after they have been equipped with English and IT skills through courses organized at GBWS.
The “Office Lunch” restaurant at GBWS helps to contribute partly to the funding of GBWS activities.

Street children aged 8 – 16 without physical or mental disability

Poor children living in the communities aged 8 – 18
Children’s families

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Tel: (+84) (28) 3840 1406

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Address: 85/65 Phạm Viet Chanh Street, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

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