End of Year Ceremony – Class of 2019-2020

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On the morning of 21st  July 2020, a beautiful End of Year  Ceremony was organized for the students of The Cau Han Charity Classes run by the Cau Han Project coordinators and the USSH interns. It has been an undeniably hard year for all families since they took a big financial hit as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, however it has been especially hard for those marginalized ones. As a consequence, out of the original 58 students, only 46 came back to class after the quarantine period while others sadly had no choice but to drop out in order to help support their struggling families. Despite all these odds, 40 of our children made their best effort to pass their current school year and as a reward earned themselves a wonderful celebration.

On behalf of all the teachers, Ms. Ngọc Tuyết gave an inspirational speech about “reading more, gaming less and always helping family members during summertime”. Her poetic recital of  “Soldier on patrol” received wide support, especially from her “fans”.

A parent of Minh Thiện – a 5th grader – also shared a few words with the audience: “I am extremely grateful for all the teachers and officers of The Cau Han Project. Without you, my boy wouldn’t have finished Primary level and moved on to Secondary classes. For everything you have done for my boy and my family in the past years, I don’t know what to say besides ‘Thank you’. Thank you so so much!”.

Ms. Hương – the former Project Manager – also spared some of her precious time to join the event. She was deeply moved by and appreciative of  her colleagues at Cau Han Project and the HCWA, where she spent 8 years of her career, for continuing to develop this not just meaningful but crucial project. With that experience in mind, she reminded the children to show gratitude, appreciation, determination, and most importantly, to keep on learning no matter what because that’s the only way to get out of poverty and whilst laying a solid foundation for a brighter future, not just for them but also their family.

The ceremony ended in a joyful yet emotional atmosphere. We would like to thank the teachers of the Cau Han Charity Classes, managers of the HCWA, and dedicated supporters for all your crucial contributions that help sustain the Cau Han Project in general and the Cau Han Charity Class in particular. Our team and the children also always acknowledge and wish to send our sincere and deep thanks to the Board of Directors and teachers of Nguyen Thi Dinh Primary School for always helping to build the content for the classes ‘s curriculum, regularly encourage and support poor and migrant students of the Cau Han charity classWe would also like to express our special thanks to Ms. Phương Thùy for her tremendous help in fundraising to keep the class open until the end of 2020, to Phương Hà and Kỳ Duyên – Social Work Interns from the USSH – for participating beyond the requirements of their internship and enthusiastically supporting this event. Last but not least, the biggest credit goes  to the hard-working spirits of our students as well as the “superheroes”, who together keep the Cau Han project alive and worthwhile!!!