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Protecting children and youth in Binh Chanh

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Binh Chanh committee meting. Protecting children


Ho Chi Minh City Child Support Association and the Regular Project Coordination Committee in Binh Chanh co-hosted a conference to discuss the impact of two important projects for protecting children: “Protect and Prevent Child Abuse” and “Supporting youth and children in response to the COVID-19 pandemic”. The conference was attended by representatives from various agencies, committees, and sectors in the district, including Mrs. Luong Thi Thuan – Chairman of the City Children’s Protection Association, and Mrs. Phan Thi Cam Nhung – Vice President of Binh Chanh District People’s Committee.

2022 goals achieved and new commitments made to continue protecting children and youth:

The primary focus of the conference was to report on the progress made in implementing the projects in 2022 and discuss plans for 2023. The evaluation report presented during the conference demonstrated that both projects had achieved their goals. Additionally, they contributed significantly to the protection of children and adolescents experiencing difficult situations in Binh Chanh district.

Furthermore, for the remaining six months of the “Protect and Prevent Child Abuse in the City” project, the conference has committed to improving communication activities and providing training. this will focus on child protection for children, childcare workers, and child protection systems. Local coordinators will hold child protection network meetings accompanied by intensifying family counseling activities. In addition, support packages will also be distributed to children with special circumstances.

For the first two quarters of 2023, the “Supporting youth and children in response to the COVID-19 pandemic” project will focus on holding life skills training classes, career orientation counseling, vocational teaching support, training on gender equality, legal policy, psychological support, and counseling. Group living spaces and school psychology counseling will also be provided in the school system.


The meeting concludes with firm commitments:

At the conclusion of the conference, all stakeholders in attendance, along with the project leaders, committed to collaborating further to safeguard children in the city. The individuals involved will persist in their efforts to attain these objectives.

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Written by Michael Juska

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