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The Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Association (HCWA) was established over 30 years ago to help disadvantaged households across the city. As a result of the proud philanthropic efforts, many children’s lives have been transformed. Throughout 2022 we have continued to provide vital support to vulnerable children. Our service continues to be dedicated to the protection and education of children through 4 diverse projects.


We provided 154 study scholarships and health insurance packages. We also delivered 255 training sessions. A variety of topics were covered, including; safety networks, study skills, and effective teamwork. Many health-related workshops were also delivered particularly psycho-physiological health, hygiene, and health protection.


Additionally, we supplied more than 20 training sessions to parents on the prevention of school violence. Furthermore, dozens of nutrition, life skills, and emergency support packages were given where they were needed most.


We can continue to help a significant number of children and households thanks to the dedicated support of our partners, benefactors, staff, volunteers, and a large number of followers of the HCWA.


The motivation to spread dignity and compassion throughout the community helped us achieve our goals. We want to continue to contribute to a society where the rights of children are always respected and protected. It is indeed this motivation that we take into 2023, with the goal to build upon our previous work.


Written by Michael Juska.

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